The Right Way to Wash Clothes So that it is Effective in Killing Germs

You are tired of washing clothes, but are you sure if all the germs that stick to your clothes are gone after washing? Or maybe the clothes you wear are still filled with germs? Did you know that all the clothes you use contain a lot of bacteria and germs? Especially if you spend all day activities outside the house, the more germs will stick to your clothes and pants. Not to mention that the sweat on clothes makes more and more germs on clothes. Your washing machine is no exception, to avoid your washing machine becoming a nest of germs, it’s a good idea to use a Repair Center in Dubai to keep your washing machine hygienic.

A study reported in the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, states that washing clothes in low-temperature water may not be strong enough to kill germs that stick to clothes and pants. It is even mentioned in a study in Germany that clothes may be contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria which is a bacteria that causes respiratory infections, skin infections, and pneumonia. In this study, it is stated that germs will only die if washed using water that is above 40 degrees Celsius and combined with the use of detergents and bleach. Other viral and bacterial diseases that can be on your clothes include Salmonella, hepatitis A virus, norovirus, rotavirus, and E. coli. Washing clothes at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius only kill as much as 6% of mites and germs.

All detergent products may contain the same chemical substances. Both can remove stains on clothes. But what about bacteria and germs on clothes? There are two types of laundry detergents that you can use. The first is a non-biological detergent that contains bleach for cleaning and contains a disinfectant. Meanwhile, other detergents are biological detergents that depend on enzymes that are considered less capable of killing germs. Apart from disinfecting, you should expose your clothes to direct sunlight. Because not only makes clothes dry faster, sunlight is also considered to be able to help kill germs that are still left on clothes.

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