Do You Need Some Tips To Remove Moss From Your Roof?

Whichever method you choose when cleaning a mossy roof, you will end up getting dirty, so dress appropriately! Wear old clothes, safety glasses, rubber gloves, a hat, and anti-slip shoes. Have a harness or harness if you are going to the top of the roof. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to remove moss from your roof by yourself, we suggest you call the pressure washing Lexington SC.

Cover nearby plants with a plastic tarp. Set the ladder securely in place, grab the hose, and begin climbing.

Spray all roofs covered with moss with water. Always work from the top of the roof down to ensure water flows from the roof so that water or tools will not lift and destroy the shingles and roof tiles.

Before applying moss repellent, use a scrubbing brush or soft bristle brush to gently scrape or remove the moss from roofing shingles or tiles. Work one small section at a time, which will allow you better control over the brush and scrubbing motion. Brush it downwards to prevent damage.

Still, need a chemical solution? Use a pump sprayer or a large spray bottle to apply the moss killer. Moisten the moss and let it sit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Using a homemade moss killer? Leave it on for 20 minutes.

Take the hose, climb the ladder, and rinse off the dead moss and moss removal solution. Remove any remaining moss with a brush, and rinse the roof again.

Alternatively, you can use a power washer to clean moss, but there are a few caveats to consider.

First, you need to make sure that roof shingles and roof tiles don’t break, peel or break, as water applied at high pressure tends to increase the damage and seep through any gaps. Also, when using an electric washer, you have to stand on the roof so that you can point the electric washer downwards. If you choose this method, use the washer at the lowest possible pressure setting.