How To Make Children Interested In Gardening

Gardening is a fun activity that children can do together. To make children interested in gardening, there are several ways you can try. Gardening is like a teacher who teaches us many things. Gardening teaches patience, the ability to observe, and how to believe in the process. Good values ??are absorbed by children from an early age. Teaching children to the garden also encourages them to have sensitivity and respect for nature. Gardening teaches children patience, the ability to observe, and how to believe in the process. For children, gardening is also a very natural activity because basically, they have an exploratory nature. Imagine his enthusiasm when you see a sprout from seed or look for worms in the ground. Gardening does not need to be grandiose, complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. With just a few minutes per day, we can take care of a simple garden with our children. just a few small steps to try growing food with discover more here will make each individual or family step closer to food self-sufficiency. No need for large land, even in the pot is enough. After all, by growing ourselves we can ensure that our food is healthier because it doesn’t contain pesticides or other harmful substances.

For beginners, the challenge is to be confused about where to start. Others have started, but are often unsuccessful. You don’t need wide land to start gardening. It may be more appropriate for children to start with just one or two plants. That way, he can focus on the development of the plant and his interest can be cared for as well. Plant it in a pot or land and guide the child to observe any plant developments. When he has shown consistent interest, add other plants to keep him. To encourage children to like gardening, let them choose what to plant. Can be his favorite vegetable, fruit, or flower. Cherry tomatoes, carrots, spinach, or sunflower. That way, he is increasingly enthusiastic about monitoring plant development.

In the market, there are also garden tools for children, such as shovels, rakes, gloves, watering cans, or shears. For children, these tools are usually designed to be smaller, safer, and have a more attractive color. Her equipment will encourage the child to be more involved. Also, teach children to clean and store their utensils properly after use.

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