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Why Do You Want To Blog?


Those of you who feel that you are still struggling for words or ideas need not despair. Because you are not alone in this. While some of the world’s greatest players will incur a bout of tennis elbow at least once in their professional careers, even the world’s greatest bloggers will incur a case of writer’s block. Or should that be; a case of writer’s blog. This is a short motivation to remind you not to place yourself under undue and unnecessary pressure to come up with yet another blog post. It is hopefully also going to be something of a small inspiration for those who are still trying to decide whether it is all really worthwhile becoming a blogger.


Well, why not, for crying out loud. If you are already in love with reading and the play of words on the page, the conventional page that you get to thumb over, or the white space columns in your blog posting screen, you could have a richly rewarding career as a blogger. And you do not need to be the greatest wordsmith in town to do well as a blogger. Do make up your mind about your greatest passions in life. Or if you modestly consider yourself to be something of a dullard in life, well, there must be something that interests you. What interests you will interest others.

So, if watching a late afternoon daily soap on your couch without fail and every afternoon is your regular thing, well there you go what a sparkling idea. That is something you could talk about on your blog. You could be creating something of a niche market here. But perhaps not because perhaps this daily soap passion of yours is shared by millions of others around the world. No matter, you can still blog about it. But you might want to spend extra time in learning how to make your blog a standout out feature of the blogosphere in terms of its universal subject material.

Why be normal, and why be boring. Why talk about something that pretty much everybody is already gagging about. Now spinning tops, now there’s an idea for you. Yes, there will be many bloggers on this not too familiar hobby craft spinning their own thoughts and ideas but not in the thousands or millions that it simply overwhelms or intimidates you. The idea and motivation is all yours, it just depends how deeply you feel about it. But blogging motivations are quite different in the commercial sense. One of the majority professions in the blogosphere is that of full-time or part-time writers.

Nevertheless, no matter what business you are running, it should have an online presence by now, you can blog about it in order to create more awareness and interest for potential clients. Talk about the things that seem to matter a lot to them and you could have their heartstrings on your business platter for life.

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