Before Hunting, Understand Wild Animal Hunting Rules

Want to try hunting wild animals? Before doing so, it is helpful to understand the existing wild animal hunting regulations. Because the wrong one is that you are being hunted by the police for violating the existing wild animal hunting rules. Especially regarding the weapons you use. Not all regulations allow you to use a firearm, it will be much better if you use the best crossbow nation . Hunting activities are capturing and or killing hunting species (certain wild animals that are determined to be hunted) including taking or moving eggs or animal nests prey. People or groups that carry out hunting activities (called Hunters) who will carry out hunting activities, must have a HUNTING LICENSE issued by an official state agency.

So, hunting does not just go and shoot. But there are regulations, aka rules that we must obey before we carry out hunting activities. Animals that are allowed to be hunted are not arbitrary. Unlike abroad, America for example has many types of prey. In the regulations, animals that can be hunted are animals that are not productive because they are old and are male. While female animals should not be hunted at all. Every hunter is also required to know and understand the characteristics and movements of nature or ecology and be able to maintain the balance of nature. Not just being hunted and neglecting conservation. Hunting (anything related to hunting) for hunting animals is carried out based on the principle of preservation of benefits by taking into account population, habitat carrying capacity, and ecosystem balance.

It is known that 3 hunting places are permitted, namely Buru Park is a forest area designated as a place for regular hunting to be held. Then, the hunting area is an area outside the hunting park and hunting garden in which there are hunting animals, which can be hunted. Finally, hunting gardens are land outside forest areas that are cultivated by a business entity with something based on rights, for hunting activities.