This Is The Proper Way To Clean A Car

Washing a car does not simply wet and wipe the body because if you do it inaccurately, car paint is at risk of being scratched and the appearance of the car is not excellent. Conversely, by washing the car properly, the car paint will be more durable and scratch-free. Treat the surface of the car gently when washing and always use special washing products for cars so that the results are maximum. Meanwhile, you may call the best Royal1 Mobile Detailing when you can’t wash your car by yourself.

Washing the car often is not necessarily the right way. Maybe you have been advised how to wash cars differently from various sources. How do you actually wash the car properly? The following car wash tips separate what you can do:

Use special products for cars and car washers. Starting from sponges, wipes, to special shampoo cars are highly recommended. The car wash should be very soft and not cause dirt or sand to stick to the cloth so it doesn’t scratch the paint.

Wet the entire body of the car before washing it. Let stand a few moments so that the dirt that is attached is easier to lift, like soaking it. Use high-pressure spray if you have one. Water will help soften dry mud so it is easier to clean without the need to scrub the car.

Prepare two buckets, one for soapy water and one for rinsing the sponge or wipe the car. Frequently rinse the sponge or cloth with clean water to shed dirt and sand that is attached, then dip it again into soapy water to wash the next part.

Wash from top to bottom. The bottom of the car is certainly the dirtiest because of mud and soil. Start washing and wiping the car from the roof of the car or the cleanest part. Let the soap run down while softening the dry mud so that later it is easy to clean when you wash the bottom of the car.

Rinse the car body with clean water. Spray water into the gaps and hidden parts of the car body.

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